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Purr Arts Mission Statement

We are committed to making a difference in the world community. Please enjoy our short video that outlines our values below


Prince Ian Ullr, Heir to the Throne

Presenting Prince Ian Ullr, heir to the throne of his distant relation, Prince Weibel. His Majesty is a Norwegian Forest Cat; also Known as the Skogkatt in its native Norway, a noble breed of cats bred by the Vikings and is now a recognized breed by the The Cat Fanciers' Association since February, 1987. Skogkatt breed gained full championship status in 1993. Prince Ian will continue the adventure of Wild Things Feeding Frenzy Films featured on YouTube. You can view Purr Arts YouTube Channel by going to: Purr Arts Tech.

Prince Weibel

Prince Skylar DerWeibel

1997 - 2011

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Support US Jobs by Shopping Locally

Purr Arts believes in supporting products made in the USA. Supporting US based businesses builds jobs for our contry. It also strengthens the US position in the global marketplace. It is a good practice to purchase food and wine locally because you then support your own local community. Local Farmers Markets are a great place to purchase fresh produce and gourmet food items. If you can't find organic speciality foods locally, you can go online and shop the numerous organic and naural food stores and have it shipped to your door!