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Perennial Flower Garden

Perennial Flower Garden

Planting perennial herbs and flowers is an economical way to plant a garden. Perennials will usually go dormant in the winter and come back in the spring. Perennial herb gardens are an awesome way to stock your kitchen with fresh herbs, and you can also dry them to use later on. You can also plant perennials in containers on your patio or balcony if you don't have any garden space.



Perennial Herb & Leaf Vegetable

Sorrel (Rumex acetosa); also known as spinach dock and narrow-leaved dock, is a perennial plant in the family of Polygonaceae. It is a hardy plant found in grassland habitats; and is cultivated as a garden herb, or leaf vegetable. Sorrel is a low maintenance plant that likes moist, fertile soil, and will grow in partial shade. It growns beautifully in containers on patios or balconies, for those with limited space. It also produces tender greens in early spring, and throughout the summer months. Sorrel has a delicious lemony or sharp flavor, and is also very acidic. The plant's sharp taste is due to oxalic acid, which is mildly toxic if you consume more than 10 pounds of it in one day. Sorrel is an amazing salad green and also makes a delicious soup. It also goes well in potato, egg and fish dishes.

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Shop Locally

It is a good practice to purchase organic non-GMO produce, meat, staples beer and wine locally because you will support your own community. Shopping locally is also a sustainable practice. Shopping at your local Farmers Market is a great place to purchase fresh produce and gourmet food items. If you can't find organic speciality foods locally, you can go online and shop the numerous organic and naural food stores and have it shipped to your door! Many times, shopping online will save you time and money in the long run